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WSOPE: After a hero call in HU, Max Neugebauer took home €1,500,000

The bracelet from the WSOPE Main Event has already been handed over. Max Neugebauer achieved it, in addition to one and a half million euros from the record event.

The WSOPE poker holiday ended the battlese for the bracelet from the record-breaking Main Event. It managed to collect up to €7,761,500 thanks to 817 entries. The last eight players made it to the final day.

WSOPE: We know the finalists of the Main Event WSOPE: We know the finalists of the Main Event

The last eight sat down at the final table at the second hour. The chip leader was Eric Tsai from Taiwan, who had more than 23.5 million chips in front of him.

Seating and Chipcount Final Table:
1 - Michele Tocci (Italy) 6.525.000
2 -  Michael Rocco (United States) 8.000.000
3 -  Eric Tsai (Taiwan) 23.650.000
4 -  Nils Pudel (Germany) 9.875.000
5 -  Kasparas Klezys (Lithuania) 13.950.000
6 -  Max Neugebauer (Austria) 10.325.000
7 -  Ruslan Volkov (Ukraine) 6.000.000
8 -  Alf Martinsson (Sweden) 3.150.000

Alf Martinsson couldn't stand the end of the first level of the final table, who sent the last 10 blinds into play with A 3 . Michele Tocci reshoved from the button with a pair of tens, and after the K-6-K-Q-T board, where the necessary ace did not appear, it was Alf Martinsson who went to the cash desk. His second tournament entry in hendon mob thus amounts to €148,000.

The seventh place was taken by the Ukrainian Ruslan Volkov, whose tens did not hold up to Kasparas Klezys' AT combination. An ace on the turn ensured another elimination. After Volkov was eliminated, the chips were spilled from side to side. Finally, Nils Pudel drew for the shortest end, and after Michael Rocco's opening, he sent full with 13 blinds. His A5 was far behind against Rocco's Aces, but he still took home a nice €255,000.

American player Michael Rocco had to leave the tournament after two failed allins. First, Eric Tsai doubled through him and then sent a nearly 8 million stack into play with A7 to Michele Tocci's tens. Tripleouter did not appear on the board, so he had to settle for a profit of €341,000.

Less than 10 blinds were forced to play Kasparas Klezys with Q 8 . Max Neubauer, who was playing excellently, called him with K J and it went to the board. Both hit a pair on the J-8-5 flop, but a horse on the turn and an ace on the river ended Klezys' journey to the podium. He took home €464,000 for fourth place.

In the last three, Max Neugebauer destroyed his opponents. As the chip leader, he opened, raised and put his opponents under pressure until he had 60 million in front of him and Eric Tsai and Michele Tocci only 10 million chips each.

Two short stacks got into the confrontation when Tsai held a pair of twos and Tocci a pair of sixes. A deuce two on the turn, which sent Michele Tocci to an ultrashort, from which there was no escape, and he took home €639,000.

Max Neugebauer went heads-up as a big favorite against Eric Tsai with a chip ratio of about 4:1. He used his advantage to the fullest and knocked out the last player in the tournament. In the last game on the 8-7-Q-A-4 board, Eric Tsai sent allin's bluff with J9, which, after much deliberation, Max Negebauer with J8 hero finally called and became the WSOPE champion.

Eric Tsai claimed €891,000 in his live winnings for second place, but the winner was waiting for a much higher reward. Max Negebauer, who was also cheered by Roman Hrabec in the audience, took home the title of WSOPE champion and one and a half million euros for his excellent game and thanks to a hero call at the end. Congratulations!

Result Final Table:
1 - 1.500.000€ - Max Neugebauer (Austria)
2 - 891.000€ - Eric Tsai (Taiwan)
3 - 639.000€ - Michele Tocci (Italy)
4 - 464.000€ - Kasparas Klezys (Lithuania)
5 - 341.000€ - Michael Rocco (United States)
6 - 255.000€ - Nils Pudel (Germany)
7 - 193.000€ - Ruslan Volkov (Ukraine)
8 - 148.000€ - Alf Martinsson (Sweden)

Source: Kings Resort, Pokernews