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WSOP: Sepiol adds WSOP bracelet to WPT title, Troha wins PLO for third year in a row

Today we start with Daniel Sepiol, who added his first WSOP bracelet to his WPT title. He managed to win it after an incredible turnaround. We'll continue with Sean Troha, who won the PLO for the third year in a row, and the WSOP has adjusted late registration for tournaments with a buy-in of $10,000 or more.

With another day of the WSOP Festival behind us, we have some fresh news to bring you. We'll start with tournament number 23, which was the $1,500 NLH Shootout. In this tournament, every table played down to a winner and only that winner would advance to the next elimination round. In total, the tournament brought in 1,534 entries and created a prizepool of $2,047,890. The winner had $305,849 waiting for him and of course a valuable bracelet to go with it.

WSOP: Players continue to pour in after registration closes, Dylan Weisman wins second braceletWSOP: Players continue to pour in after registration closes, Dylan Weisman wins second bracelet

Names like Daniel Strelitz, Jeremy Ausmus and Daniel Sepiol made the final table. Of those, only reigning WPT champion Daniel Sepiol made it to the final heads-up. He started heads-up play as chipleader with a stack ratio of 2:1. At one point, however, Sepiol lost a huge pot when he tried to bluff. The stack ratio here was as high as 17:1 against Sepiol. It looked like it was going to be over quickly, but Sepiol didn't give up. He made an incredible comeback, adding the WPT title, PGT title, MSPT title and WSOPC ring to his WSOP title and his first bracelet. Along with it, he is also worth $305,849.

1Daniel SepiolUnited States$305,849
2Robert NatividadPhilippines$203,889
3James DavidsonUnited States$148,196
4Jeremy AusmusUnited States$109,071
5Daniel StrelitzUnited States$81,298
6Richard DixonUnited States$61,380
7Sean RagozziniUnited States$46,948
8Scott BallUnited States$36,385
9Aaron PinsonUnited States$28,577

Sean Troha wins PLO for third consecutive year

Do you recognize the name Sean Troha? If not, we're going to change that. Sean Troha is an American PLO player and for the third year in a row he has proven to us that he is one of the best PLO players in the world. He won the 10k PLO Championship during the 2022 WSOP, he won the 2023 WSOP $1,500 PLO tournament, and yesterday he was the winner of the 10k PLO Hi-Lo Championship. The 10k PLO Hi-Lo Championship brought 259 entries and a prizepool of $2,408,700.

At the final table, he took on the likes of Joao Simao and Yuri Dzivielevski. If the name Yuri Dzivielevski doesn't ring a bell, he's a feared Brazilian online player who has over $15 million in online winnings and nearly $7 million more in live tournaments.

Sean Troha and Tyler Brown are pitted against each other in the final heads-up. As is already clear from the previous text, the champion here was Sean Troha, who scored $536,713 to his account and also won his third PLO bracelet in three years.

1Sean TrohaUnited States$536,713
2Tyler BrownUnited States$357,807
3Joao SimaoBrazil$247,874
4Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$175,321
5Robert TanitaUnited States$126,662
6Tsz ShingUnited States$93,512
7Brad RubenUnited States$70,585
8Luis VeladorMexico$54,499
9Joshua ThibodauxUnited States$43,065

WSOP modifies registration rules

After a large wave of criticism from high roller players about the late registration rules, who didn't like the fact that players kept coming in minutes after registration closed, the WSOP has come up with slight adjustments for tournaments with a buy-in of $10,000 or more. Players must stand in line to register until late registration closes or their entry into the tournament will be cancelled. Players have welcomed this change.

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