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WPT Champion Kozma: It was the easiest field of players I can imagine for such a buy-in

The record stop of the WPT Prime series attracted players from all over the world to Liechtenstein, and Hungarian representative David Kozma eventually won after three demanding days. What were his feelings immediately after the win, how did he enjoy the tournament and what does he plan to do with the win of a lifetime?

First of all, congratulations on this achievement! How do you feel immediately after the victory?

„I feel amazing, I'm very happy. It's my career highlight, a huge win, it will be a big boost to my bankroll. You could say it will change my life. So yes, I'm happy.“

Coming back to the whole tournament, did you play any side events or just ME?

„I played the Main Event and the cash game on the side. But no other tournament.“

How did you feel during the tournament? Did you have a good time playing?

"I felt great, for me it was one of the best organized tournaments I've played in. The atmosphere created by the organizers was great, they were very helpful and professional. So I am very satisfied. Not just because I won it, I would be anyway."

How did you perceive the field of players at this tournament?

"It was a lot of fun. It was the easiest field of players I can imagine for such a buy-in. And besides, people were friendly, overall it was very pleasant to play here. Despite the fact that I didn't have the best start, I fired 5 bullets."

Going back to your journey through the tournament from day one to the finals, after your last re-entry did your stack go up consistently or was it up and down?

"The whole first day was difficult. I lost most of my stack before ITM and only carried over 20bb to day 2. But as soon as I started to rise, I stayed in the lead until the final table."

Before the final table, you had a certain minimum of CHF 20,500, but there were big pay jumps waiting for you up to the highest amount. Did you feel under pressure with this money?

"Surprisingly not. Also from how I played the final tables before, I know that I feel more relaxed in the finals than during the opening days. I can't explain it. I can usually focus on my game and not deal with pay jumps."

Before the final, you already knew what opponents were waiting for you. Did you study anything about them, did you search for them?

"Yes! I took care, I prepared honestly and I looked them all up.''

Was there anyone you had respect for?

"Yes, I thought the Italian player (note: Alessandro Pichierri) was very good, he had very good results at Hendon mob. I didn't find anything threatening about the other players, but their play ended up being very solid."

You went to the final table as the chip leader. What were your expectations?

“My expectation was to make a couple of pay jumps, but I wasn't sure because even though I was the chip leader, I didn't have any significant lead. There were a lot of solid players, but I think I did a good job. Before the final table, I did not expect to win the tournament. But I knew I had a chance. I managed to build up a big stack before the last eight and after that I felt like the favorite. But then I fell again and it was like a roller coaster."

As for the game on the TV table, was it a first time for you? What was it like, did it have any effect on your game or were you able to concentrate?

"It was the first time. And in the end it was a plus, I felt great. I'm not an extrovert, so I was worried before that I would make mistakes because of it. But if I made any mistakes, it wasn't because of the TV table. There was a great atmosphere, I played well."

In the last three players you have agreed on a deal. Are you used to making deals? Are you satisfied with it?

"I am very satisfied with the deal. I've done some before and played final tables without a deal. But this was the biggest final table I've ever played. Even though I felt stronger than my last two opponents, I didn't want to play with them for such big sums. Also, I was getting tired due to lack of sleep. So I think it was a good decision.”

At the end of the tournament, heads-up was waiting for you. How do you feel about heads-ups in general, do you believe in yourself in them?

"To be honest, I have no idea how to play heads-up. But I think most players don't know either. So I just tried to play the best I could. And I'm glad I didn't play any heads-up pros."

You won a huge cash prize of 224,953 CHF, but also a beautiful trophy and the title of the biggest WPT Prime in history. What is more valuable to you, money or a trophy?

"Money. Clearly. Because that's what gives me the financial security I didn't have before. But I'm incredibly happy for that trophy. It is beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off it the whole time, I wanted to win it. But if they offered me more money in exchange for the trophy, I'd probably take it."

Do you have any plans on what to do with the winnings?

"I don't have plans yet. But I don't have my own place yet, so I would probably start there. I haven't decided yet as it's still fresh."

What are your next plans? Do you have an interesting poker trip ahead of you?

"I'm planning a trip to the USA at the end of September, I have some WSOPC events I'd like to play. Plus, I've just won a WPT Championship ticket to Vegas, so I'll have to rearrange it somehow. It will be exciting.”

Is there anything you would like to say at the end

"Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed watching the stream!"