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Wolfgang became the first poker vlogger with one million subscribers

Not Jeff Gross, not Jonathan Little, not Doug Polk, not Daniel Negreanu - the "heavyweights" in poker content creation were easily surpassed by Alexander "Wolfgang" Seibt, who became the first person in history to surpass the one million subscriber mark on YouTube. How did he do it?

Knowing the algorithms of today's search engines and social networks is a big plus, and Alexander "Wolfgang" Seibt certainly knows his stuff. Unlike more well-known streamers, the poker player and vlogger focuses primarily on low limits and short videos, which have brought him unprecedented success - he was the first poker streamer to surpass the million subscriber mark!

"The last few months we have set a really brutal pace that has resulted in up to a million subscribers. It's really something incredible!"  This whole passion started back in 2019 when Wolfgang was hoping to win $300 at a local casino for a promo video, which was the buy-in for a $1/$2 cash game table. "I honestly never expected vlogging and streaming to get me this far."

Success thanks to short videos

Wolfgang's greatest success can be attributed to YouTube, which, in a battle with the TikTok platform, has started to favour and reward creators producing Shorts (videos of 60 seconds or less). His channel already has nearly 600 million views, with the hand in which with JJ he won $1,700, for example, getting 84 million views.

While it may look like simple fun, producing such videos takes a lot of work. Wolfgang himself films the hands while playing at the table, then walks away from the table between hands and writes down the details of these situations, and a full-time editor takes care of the final post-production. The hard work has borne fruit, and in addition to YouTube itself, Wolfgang is already racking up advertising offers, and the poker rooms themselves are paying him to come to them to play and film.

The new king of the ladder

Wolfgang's success is unparalleled in the poker world, as evidenced by the ranking of the most-watched poker streamers. His tactics have seen him leapfrog such greats as Rampage, Jonathan Little, Joey Ingram, Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

The most watched progressive streamers on YouTube:

  1. Wolfgang – 1m
  2. Daniel Negreanu – 783k
  3. Brad Owen – 701k
  4. Doug Polk – 400k
  5. Ethan „Rampage“ Yau – 270k
  6. NextGen Poker Guys – 206k
  7. Andrew Neeme – 192k
  8. Jonathan Little – 174k
  9. Joey Ingram – 153k
  10. Mariano Grandoli – 147k

However, Wolfgang's number of subscribers has also surpassed giants such as WPT (565k), PokerGo (514k) and Hustler Casino Live (301k). In fact, the only poker channel on YouTube that's out of his reach so far is PokerStars with 1.72m subscribers. However, it should be noted that this channel has been around for almost 15 years and has around 4,000 videos to its credit. In comparison, Wolfgang started 10 years later and doesn't even have 500 videos to his credit yet.

Are you one of the million subscribers? What do you say to these video formats, do you prefer them to long streams? In your opinion, will the up-and-running Wolfgang one day surpass PokerStars?

Source: PokerNews, CardPlayer, YouTube, Instagram