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Want to bet? Jungleman claims to be fluent in Chinese in 3 months

Are we going to see one of the craziest bets in the poker community in the next few months? Dan "Jungleman" Cates came up with the idea of a bet on his Twitter to become fluent in Chinese within a quarter of a year - what were the responses?

More or less insane prop bets are a regular refresher in the poker world, but the latest one from Dan "Jungleman" Cates clearly has the potential to become one of the most challenging. At the end of October, the poker star published a challenge on his Twitter to bet that he would learn Chinese fluently in an incredible three months.

The reactions of his followers were not long in coming. Perhaps the most striking were the skeptical comments of players for whom Chinese is their native language. They had already condemned the bet to a clear failure. Not even Hustler Casino regular Andy Stacks doesn't give him a chance.

3 months? 🤦‍♂️ I think you maybe have a shot after 3 years and living in China. And by fluent, I’m thinking you mean strictly speaking conversationally only at about an elementary school level.

— Andy Stacks (@andystackspoker) October 30, 2023

The native Taiwanese claims that three months is not enough for Jungleman even for the basics, and certainly not for a higher level of a difficult language. One of the best female poker players from China, Xuan Liu, also commented on the challenge. Making such a bet would blow her away. However, she was interested in how an American defines fluency in Chinese. It can mean a conversational level of Chinese at the level of a child who can articulate his thoughts.

Those interested in placing a bet also appeared in the comments. One of them is Jungleman's frequent opponent, high roller player Nik Airball.

It seems that no one has yet offered Jungleman an amount worthy of this crazy idea, and we are still waiting for the outcome of the open discussion. Is Jungleman's challenge detached from reality, or will he end up shocking the skeptics? Would you bet?

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