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SpadePoker Tour Prague goes to the final, winner takes home €27,969 and a ticket to the ME WSOPE

Our SpadePoker Tour will meet its seventh champion today, who will be one of the following 8 finalists. Will the trophy and fat prize stay in the Czech Republic or will it go abroad? Watch live from 14:30!

The SpadePoker Tour's premiere stop in Prague took place last week, and after three opening days, Day 2 awaited the advancers yesterday. A fast and brisk Day 2 kicked off with 43 qualifiers whose first goal was to make it to the top 23 ITM players. We got to know them right after the Live Stream kicked off, where Kristian Burys took the bubble-boy title of this tournament.

Gradually, as the clock ticked down, the field of players got smaller and smaller, until three tables managed to form, first two and then the last one, the final table. The top 8 players made it to that table and will play for the biggest prizes in front of the TV cameras today:

Chipcount final table:

  1. Oleg Vakhrameev - 3,055,000
  2. Milan Simko - 1,735,000
  3. Kirill Panyushin - 1,150,000
  4. Jakub Kolečkar - 945,000
  5. Michal Schuh - 750,000
  6. Jiri Kotvas - 695,000
  7. Vladimir Krivanek - 640,000
  8. Petr Bohuslav - 235,000

Each of the final table participants already has a reward of €3,501 in their pockets, but no one will be happy with that. That's because the winner of the tournament will receive a prize of €27,969, plus a ticket to this year's WSOPE Main Event worth €10,350.

Final Day payout structure:

  1. €27,969 + ME WSOPE Ticket
  2. €18,947 + ME WSOPE Ticket
  3. 12,632€
  4. 10,346€
  5. 8,301€
  6. 6,436€
  7. 4,764€
  8. 3,501€