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Sándor Maté is the WPT Prime Bratislava champion, he took full €109,660 without a deal!

The main tournament of the premiere stop WPT Prime in Bratislava has its winner, who became the Hungarian player Maté Sándor. He handled all his opponents without a deal, for which he received a title, a trophy, a hefty bonus and a package to the WPT Championship in Vegas!

At the beginning, there were 552 entries, but at the end, only one name shines above others - the main tournament of the WPT Prime Bratislava festival has already crowned its champion in Card Casino Bratislava, but the final was like something out of a big book. If you missed it, you can watch it again.

After demanding 14-hour day 2, the best nine players returned to the TV table, aiming for a trophy and a six-figure reward. Ondřej Drozd and Patrik Židek were the first one to leave the game in ninth and eighth place.

Subsequently, with a slow structure and a sufficiently large average, the players started the game that lasted 7 hours. During them, Elliot Ward, Szymon Bujok, Tal Herzog, Giovanni Ursoleo and Dmitry Lineburg gradually had to get up from the table, so the tournament moved to the final Hungarian-German heads-up.

Sándor Maté, a well-known player in our region, who has won a number of major and minor tournaments in Slovakia over the past year, went into it with a considerable advantage. In any case, he saved his life's winnings until today, where he didn't let his opponent do anything in HU and after the last hand with  he booked the total winnings for the title, trophy and €109,660, including a €12,500 package at the WPT Championship Las Vegas! Congratulations!  

The final results of the WPT Prime Bratislava final table:

  1. Maté Sándor - 109,660 €
  2. Marco Niederdeppe - 64,700 €
  3. Dmitry Lineburg - 47,600 €
  4. Giovanni Ursoleo - 35,400 €
  5. Tal Herzog - 26,600 €
  6. Szymon Bujok - 20,300 €
  7. Elliot Thomas Ward - 15,600 €
  8. Ondřej Drozd - 12,100 €
  9. Patrik Židek - 9,500 €

Popri tomto turnaji sa odohrala aj finálová dohrávka Mystery Bounty eventu, v ktorom sa o krásny výsledok postaral Pavel Heger. Ten nie len, že vyhral celý turnaj, no postaral sa aj o sedem eliminácií, z ktorých si povyťahoval dokopy 16,000€ v bounty odmenách vrátane najväčšej 10-tisícovej obálky. Dokopy si tak z tohto turnaja odniesol titul, trofej a 34,200€! Gratulujeme!