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PPC: Peter Lachkovicz won the biggest poker tournament in Slovakia and took home €71,150

The Polish Poker Championship recognized a champion in its record-breaking Main Event. The Polish Championship was dominated by Peter Lachkovicz, who took home a large sum of money after the deal from Banco Casino.

The history of Slovak poker was rewritten, as the Main Event of the Polish Poker Championship generated a record 5,061 entries. Thanks to the very favorable buy-in, it was possible to create an incredible prizepool of €537,730, which was shared by 504 players. Yesterday, the Polish Championship culminated with the final day, which you could also watch thanks to the live stream.

The final day of the PPC main event started with the participation of eight finalists, who sat down at the table at 2pm. The goal was to turn a €125 investment into €80,550 for the winner. Several nationalities met at the final table.

The players started fighting each other at the final table from the very beginning, and Jakub Kordulasinski was the first to leave the final table. After him, it was Roman Novák, who pulled the short end and took home a nice reward of €8,425 for the seventh place.

After less than six hours of play, the players found themselves heads-up with roughly equal stacks. Finally, Peter Laczkovich and Peter Jaroslav agreed on an even deal and a playoff for €12,325. The new champion of Poland finally became the Hungarian player Peter Laczkovich, who turned his only buy-in of €125 into a beautiful €71,150. Congratulations!

Polish Poker Championship Main Event:
1. Laczkovich Peter - 71,150€
2. Jaroslav Peter -  58,825€
3. Li Nu - 34,125€
4. Matyasi Lajos - 24,650€
5. Romanow Krzysztof - 17,700€
6. Warmuz Bartosz - 12,325€
7. Novák Roman - 8,425€
8. Kordulasinski Jakub - 6,025€