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PokerStars New Mystery Cash Challenge

PokerStars has decided to create a brand new show, mixing together the appeal of cash game poker and the mystery bounty format.

This innovative format by PokerStars delivers an exciting combination of high-stakes poker cash games and the element of mystery bounty tournament. The first episode of Mystery Cash Challenge took place yesterday and the lineup consisted of Alexandra Botez, Griffin Benger, Maria Ho, Sam Grafton, Parker "Tonkaaaa " Talbot and Fabiano Kowalski. 

At first, the Mystery Cash Challenge appears to be a typical No-Limit Hold'em cash game, but there are significant twists that set it apart from the ordinary. The game starts with a €25/€50 pot-limit pre-flop, transitioning into a no-limit structure post-flop. The game unfolds over six rounds, each consisting of 10 hands. The first nine hands serve as a qualification phase. To be eligible for the tenth and final hand of the round - known as the bombpot - players must emerge victorious in at least one of these nine pots. During the bomb pot, the player who has won the most pots leading up to it will receive the much sought-after button. In the case of a tie, the player who most recently won a pot will claim the button.

As you can see, all the players had a starting stack of 10.000€ and we witnessed lot of great poker action and lot of fun behind the table. In case you missed it, here is the first episode!