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PGT PLO Series knows all the winners, especially Finnish players shine

The PGT PLO Series also recognized its latest champion last night. Unusually, Finnish players also made their way to Las Vegas for this series, winning up to 4 tournaments, and even the overall winner of the series was Samuli Sipila from Finland.

A few days ago we brought you an article about Daniel Negreanu's win in the third PGT PLO tournament of the series. Tonight, the entire series came to an end and so it's time for us to recap the remaining 7 tournaments for you.

Daniel Negreanu získal tento rok už druhú PGT trofejDaniel Negreanu won his second PGT trophy this year

Event #4

The fourth PLO tournament in the series had a buy-in of $10,100 and brought in a prizepool of $890,000. The latter was born thanks to 89 entries. A $240,300 bounty awaited the winner, which was claimed by Finnish player Samuli Sipila in the final heads-up.

Event #5

Event #5 was a PLO Progressive Bounty format tournament with a buy-in of $5,100, 139 entries and a prizepool of $695,000. There was $80,275 awaiting the winner and that went to Dutch player Ronald Keijzer, who also bagged an $80,000 bounty.

The same amount as the first place prize was also awarded to the second place player, Josh Arieh, but he took home "only" $31,000 for the bounty.

Event #6

$10,100 was the buy-in to tournament number six, where the entry count reached 85, making the prizepool worth $850,000. The winner of this tournament took home $229,500, and that amount went to the current PGT Player of the Year leader Dylan Weisman.

Event #7

The seventh tournament was once again a Progressive Bounty format. This time the buy-in was $15,100 and the prizepool reached $1,110,000 thanks to 74 entries. There was $159,840 waiting for the winner and runner-up. The winner here was once again Finnish player Samuli Sipila, who added another $239,000 to the bounty.

Samuli had names like Nick Schulman, Sean Winter and even Daniel Negreanu on the final table. Daniel finished in sixth place here, for which he took home $64,300 along with the bounty.

Event #8

In PLO tournament number eight, we once again saw a Finnish player emerge as the winner. Again, the buy-in was $15,100, but the number of entries got up to 83, giving a prizepool of $1,245,000. The winner was Event #2 champion Eelis Parssinen, who has now taken home $348,600.

But Eelis didn't have it easy at this final table either. He was up against the likes of Erik Seidel, Joao Simao and Alex Foxen. Alex Foxen was defeated by the Finnish player in the final heads-up. Foxen earned $224,100 for his second place finish.

Event #9

The penultimate event was the $25,200 buy-in PLO Championship, which attracted 72 entries and a prizepool of $1,800,000. The biggest prize of the series, $522,000, awaited the winner in this tournament, which was shared by Seth Davies and Finland's Samuli Sipila in the final heads-up, who proved his worth to everyone during the series. The $522,000 prize was eventually won by Seth Davies, leaving Samuli to settle for second place and the $342,000 prize.

Event #10

All of the above tournaments were two-day events, only the tenth and final tournament was a one-day event. The tenth tournament was the PLO Dealer's Choice with a buy-in of $5,100, only 21 entries and a prizepool of $105,000. Only three players were in the money and the winner was James Calderaro, who won $56,700.

1.James CalderaroUSA56.700$
2.Allan LeUSA31.500$
3.Alex CondonUSA16.800$

Overall Winner Samuli Sipila

As you might have guessed from the text above, Finnish player Samuli Sipila starred in this series and in addition to the two trophies, he also took home a third trophy in the end. As is usual in PGT tournaments, each series has its own leaderboard. This was clearly dominated by Finnish player Samuli Sipila, who took home more than $1,015,000 worth of winnings during this series.

In total, this player has accumulated 749 points and clearly dominated the PGT PLO Series leaderboard. For this achievement, he packs a gold PGT trophy and a PGT Pass worth $10,000 in his case. He was closely followed by his compatriot Eelis Parssinen, who finished second on the leaderboard with 565 points.

In addition, Samuli's achievement shot him up to third place, ahead of Daniel Negreanu, in the PGT Player of the Year rankings. Congratulations!

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