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Petter Berg Solli: It's fantastic to become Norwegian champion, every Norwegian player wants it

The winner of the half-million dollar Poker North Masters managed to take down a field of 1,759 entries and turn over his 10bb short for the overall win at the very end of the tournament in heads-up play. What does this win mean for him?

Just a few days ago, the Card Casino in Bratislava played host to another Norwegian Poker Championship, which, in addition to the closed events, also featured the half-million dollar Poker North Masters. Players overcame the guarantee thanks to 1,759 entries, and the home representative Július Legén took home a large part of the €545,290 prizepool. But the champion was Norway's Petter Solli Berg, who we interviewed immediately after winning €82,740.

Congratulations on your success! Is this your biggest hit from the live tournament?

"Yes, the biggest overall in my career."

How do you feel now, immediately after the final heads-up?

"I feel great. But I think it's important to control your emotions even after such a big win. If I go crazy right now, it could collapse in a short time. But I'm happy."

When you say it's your biggest win overall, do you also play online?

"I play online 99 percent of the time. Mainly cash game, overall I'm mainly a cash game player - I play €1/2 and €2/4 limits. I don't play tournaments very much."

What should our readers who don't know you know about you?

"I stream cash games on SpilleHagenPoker on Twitch. Some of the streams are also in English. I've been playing poker since I was 15, professionally since I was 18. I've been playing every possible variant of Holdem for more than half of my life."

How old are you?


What makes this tournament special for you? Did you play other events during the Norwegian Championship?

"This tournament has a good prizepool. Even earlier in the week I managed to win a heads-up event at the festival. It was a smaller amount, but it's fantastic to become Norwegian champion. In my opinion, every Norwegian player aspires to that. Plus, I beat a lot of good players. I feel like that win was a bigger achievement. After this, I feel that I was mostly lucky."

How would you sum up the whole festival?

"It was a fantastic journey. Last year I couldn't come because my girlfriend had just given birth. It feels nice to be back, I love it here."

Did you have any special preparations for tonight's final?

"I didn't prepare. I remembered a lot of the players from the previous days, so I already had some experience with them."

How was the heads-up for you?

"I was really lucky. When you start on 10 blinds, it's hard to have a big edge. There's not as much room to play and luck is a much bigger factor. And this time I was the lucky one. I had a good player standing against me, I didn't do anything different than he would have done."

Do you have any poker plans or trips in the near future?

"I don't have anything planned. Maybe my girlfriend and soon to be wife will send me on more of these trips after this."

How does she perceive your profession?

"My girlfriend is a great support for me. It's not easy to be home alone all day with an 11-month-old baby. It's been a big change, I couldn't have done any of this without her."

Thank you for the interview!