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IPO Liechtenstein: Dritan Kaleci is the chipleader

Today the IPO Master will crown its champion. Swiss player Dritan Kaleci is the closest to the title from the 14 players still in the game.

For nearly 10 hours, gameplay, including breaks, has persisted at the GC Poker Room in Bendern, Liechtenstein. This marks the final leg of the IPO Festival that has held the spotlight for the past fortnight, particularly featuring the 1,100CHF buy-in IPO Master event.

Yesterday, the entry count had plateaued at 166. However, with three levels of late registration still available for Day 2, there was a hope to witness a considerable surge in entries. Indeed, by the end of the late registration period, the total number of entries had reached 215, surpassing expectations and resulting in a prize pool of 215,000CHF, exceeding the anticipated 200K prize pool. 

Today at 2pm starsts the final day, when 14 finalists will fight for the title. 75 minute levels, starting at 20k/40k, await them. The closest to winning the top prize of 44.280 CHF before the final day is the Swiss player Dritan Kaleci.


1. Dritan Kaleci (CH) 3.655.000

2. Brandstifter (DE) 3.015.000

3. Karim R. Frickt (LI) 2.600.000

4. Andreas Mages (AT) 2.375.000

5. Luigi Serafin (IT) 2.140.000

6. Andreas Froehli (AT) 1.385.000

7. Milad Majidi Izadmousa (DE) 1.320.000

8. Salih Atac (CH) 1.295.000

Final payout

1. CHF44,280 + Wolf HR Ticket

2. CHF31,250 + Wolf HR Ticket

3. CHF22,080 + Wolf HR Ticket

4. CHF17,760 + Wolf HR Ticket

5. CHF13,120 + Wolf HR Ticket

6. CHF9,930 + Wolf HR Ticket

7. CHF8,370 + Wolf HR Ticket

8. CHF5,910 + Wolf HR Ticket

9. CHF4,660 + Wolf HR Ticket

10. CHF3,980 + Wolf HR Ticket