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He wanted to play the WSOP Main Event, so he said he has cancer - is Rob Mercer telling the truth?

For the past few weeks, the poker community has been dealing with an American player who was sent gifts to play the WSOP Main Event. This player claimed that he has terminal cancer and his dream is to play the ME WSOP. But it looks like he made up the cancer.

Rob Mercer is certainly not a name that would be known in the poker circles. Well, it wasn't until now. In recent weeks, however, he has drawn attention to himself.

Rob Mercer, 37, wrote his story on the GoFundMe page about how he has stage four colon cancer, is bedridden most of the time and has only 6 to 18 months to live. His dream is to play the WSOP Main Event at least once, so he asked for $12,000 to cover buy-in and travel costs.

His story also caught the attention of the head of Hustler Casino Live, Nick Vertucci, who published it and helped him collect the mentioned amount. In the end, 80 people contributed to Rob, including names like Ryan Feldman, Danielle Andersen, Dan Shak, Ben Lee and Jose Barbero.

Good news, Mike. Looks like the dude was a scammer who didn't really have cancer.

I suspected as such, but I couldn't say anything because I already used up my 2023 poker cancer callout quota early in the year.

— Todd Witteles (@ToddWitteles) August 20, 2023

Thanks to them, Rob Mercer finally got to the WSOP Main Event, but he couldn't even make it through the first day. However, a few weeks ago, reports started appearing on twitter (X) that Rob might be a fraud and he just made up the whole cancer thing. He was even accused by people close to him, who one day asked Rob to show them some proof from a doctor confirming that he has terminal cancer.

“Proof” was sent to a third party who said hes 100% telling the truth. Thats why i backed off asking him. Didnt want to badger a dude we all thought was dying.

Once this “proof” screenshot was sent to me…i outted him 5-6 days later. I for one wouldve said immediately its a scam…

— Snoopdoug 🃏🧨💸 (@PuntingStacks) August 24, 2023

At first, Rob sent a screenshot with a message from a doctor, but later it turned out that this doctor is not an oncologist at all, but a general practitioner. After Rob was accused of fraud and the community wanted to see proof of his cancer, he was even offered $10,000 for proof, Rob completely deleted himself from all social media. He immediately blocked the player who offered him $10,000 for proof.

After some time, Rob called again to defend himself. He claimed that he lost his health insurance and that is why he will only be assigned a general practitioner and not an oncologist. At the same time, he insisted that he had been diagnosed with cancer last year. He concluded the entire statement by saying that he no longer has the energy to participate in social networks, nor the desire to play poker.

Rob Mercer’s Reply today

— Snoopdoug 🃏🧨💸 (@PuntingStacks) August 22, 2023

After these statements of his, the poker community is even more inclined to claim that Rob made up the whole cancer. Some debaters on twitter, reddit or twoplustwo expressed such opinions on this topic, for example:

"If he's telling the truth, he's dying. If he's lying, he's an impostor. I don't know what outcome to hope for."

"I'm starting to believe that no one in poker has ever had cancer."

"It's quite simple, honestly: if he dies of cancer in three months, we all owe him an apology."

What do you think? Did Rob Mercer make up that he has cancer to get the chance to play the WSOP Main Event, or is it all a misunderstanding and he doesn't have anything to prove to anyone? Let us know in the comments on our social networks.

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