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Half a million dollars were stolen from the High Stakes player's GG account

We have another scandal, this time on the largest online poker platform, where $500,000 disappeared from a player's account. How did the game room itself deal with it?

Something is always happening in the world, and the poker world is no exception. This time we have a theft of not exactly a small amount of money directly from the GG account.

A few weeks ago, an unnamed High Stakes player complained to the poker community on reddit and twoplustwo that an affiliate agent stole $500,000 from his GG account.

“I'm a proven poker player, playing medium to high limits on GG. I deposited $500,000 directly into GG, while I was in the hospital, my affiliate agent reset my password and stole my money. Now GG says he is not responsible and has asked me to find my agent! What a loophole that GG allows its affiliates to withdraw their customers' funds without their permission! Please advise me how to spread this case to the poker community and GG regulators!”

One of the discussants responded to him: "I had a GG agent account and can confirm that agents have access to player funds and can transfer them to their own account."

Of course, the cheated player also solved it in the form of an email directly to GG, from where he received an unexpected answer:“An investigation based on your gameplay and account activity is complete. In short, there is no other suspicious activity other than those performed by your agent, and no other external hacking attempts have been found. Please communicate with your agent about why and how they changed your password and collected your balance. The investigation into the issue you reported has been completed."

After more than a month of solving this problem, luckily he got a positive answer from GG:"Finally! After 1 month and 5 days of my money being stolen... and also 5 days of endlessly posting this case on social media, GG finally woke up and connected me to a MASTER agent who covered my loss in full. I have all the conversations documented just in case of a future conflict."

In the end, it turned out that the money was stolen by a sub-agent who was able to bypass the main agent's own security. The missing money was said to be covered, even though the fault was not directly on the part of GG or the affiliate agent. After the whole situation was resolved, the cheated player was asked to remove all posts related to this issue from social networks.

A few days ago, a commenter pointed out that he had noticed a change that was likely due to this particular issue. The GG platform has disabled the ability for agents to overwrite player accounts assigned to them.

At the end of the whole case, the cheated high stakes player did something that no one expected. He announced to the community that he would be redistributing 10 percent of his September winnings to commenters on the reddit thread and to twoplustwo who supported and tried to help him with the issue.

Source: HighstakesDB, Reddit, Twoplustwo, GG