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Emil Bise: Today's generation thinks they can become millionaires overnight, but that's not how it works in poker

A fast cars enthusiast, a casino owner, an event organizer, a coach and, above all, a lover of poker - that is, in short, the Swiss GPI number one Emil Bise, who will tell you in an interview what drives him forward the most in poker, which achievements he values the most, and what he would advised the young players.

Regarding the interview, I reached out to you shortly after your exit from the 50,000 Diamond High Roller. How do you deal with losses, especially such unfortunate ones? (Editor's note: Emil busted after a bad spot with AKo to AKo)

"It's a powerful moment. I give myself half an hour to an hour to process and then it's good. That's what poker is about, anything can happen. Maybe next time I'll beat someone like this.''

What is it like for you to play on the TV table? Does it affect your game in any way or are you used to it?

"It's nothing special for me anymore, I often play on TV tables. The game is slower on streamed tables, in the same time you play maybe three hands on other tables, you play one on the TV table. Which suits me, because you have more time to think.'

I saw that you also regularly play high stakes cash games on the TV tables.

"Yes, but I only play the cash game at Emil's game, which I do here at King's together with the SWISS Poker Open. That's what we play €25/50 PLO."

So can it be said that you play cash games mostly just for fun?

"That's right, I'm a tournament player and I play cash games just for fun. Otherwise, I don't like it at all. You win a big tournament in 3-4 days and you have to beat a big field of players. In a cash game, it goes straight to the money. I don't enjoy it that much.'

Which tournaments do you like and why?

"I like WSOPE, EuroRounders events and EPT. I'm flying to Vegas on December 5th for the WPT. What I like about the WSOP is that in addition to the cash prize, you can also win a bracelet or a ring. And those are the things that have their value and history in poker. It's very special for all the players."

How else does he keep in shape while playing?

"It is important for me that I try to take it day by day, to focus on the present. I don't think about it in advance between tournaments, that would exhaust me so much that I would be tired at the table afterwards."

Many poker players are driven by the desire to win money. What is important to you after so many years of playing?

"I have been playing poker professionally for twenty years. Money is of course very important in poker - if you don't have money, you can't play. But for the overall impression, victories and trophies are more important to me."

Do you invest the money you win in something other than back into poker?

"I own two successful casinos in Switzerland, in Zurich and Bern. And as I mentioned before, I organize the SWISS Poker Open four times a year. It will be held here again this year with a guarantee of €600,000 and a buy-in of €600. I think it's a really good tournament."

Could you tell me more about it? How was the idea of organizing it here actually born?

"The idea came seven years ago here at King's. I was like, okay, I play poker, but how can I turn poker into a business? So I thought I could do a poker festival. I would not be able to organize it in Switzerland due to regulations. It would still be possible in Liechtenstein, I like it there too. But 90 percent of the time I play here at King's, it's like a second home to me. I like the people and the places here."

The photographer Tomáš Stacha, whom I interviewed not so long ago, mentioned that you are fond of sports cars.

"When I play poker for 4-5 days, I have to take time to rest. And I do it with cars. And with my girlfriend of course, but sometimes it's just me and my cars. And I drive, sometimes fast, sometimes leisurely. I like it. My favorite is Lamborghini.'

How do you manage to balance business and poker with your personal life and girlfriend?

"She understands that I spend a lot of time at the poker tables. Then I always make time for us to spend together.'

What are your next poker plans and goals?

"It is important for me to play at a high level for a long time. For example, in GPI I am the best in Switzerland, and that is important to me. Vegas is waiting for me in December, it will be the biggest tournament in history."

Are you taking your girlfriend with you?

"Yes, she is a good coach for me. Mentally, she doesn't play poker at all."

A final question, if you had to give any advice to aspiring poker players, what would you tell them?

"I have a small problem with this question. The way I see it is that today's generation thinks they can become millionaires overnight. But it doesn't work that way. In poker, you have to start slowly, with small buy-ins. That's what I tell the players. And to do it intensively. I also have a poker academy in Switzerland where we teach players."

That sounds interesting, tell me more.

“We have different levels from beginners to semi-pro. There are currently 85 players. beginners we have group lessons, I teach one table with eight players four times a week. When I'm at tournaments or organizing the SWISS Poker series, there's always someone representing me. And I have individual lessons with semi-pro players. When I see someone is good, then I talk to them about staking. Now, for example, I have six players here in the Main Event.”

Emil, thank you very much for the interview.

"I like Spadepoker, I remember you from Liechtenstein where you worked with the WPT."

Are you also following and reading us?

"Yes, I regularly follow you on Instagram and also follow your activities such as streams, reports and interviews - great work!"