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Debtor durrrr? The legendary Tom Dwan is accused of defaulting on his debts

Tom "durrrr" Dwan, considered by many to be a living poker legend, has once again stirred up the poker world when he was accused by several players of defaulting on his debts. The domino effect is gaining momentum and the number of accusations is escalating day by day.

The name Tom "durrrr" Dwan needs no introduction to the poker community, as his face is very familiar to newcomers and laymen alike. His aggressive style of play made him unforgettable in the early days of high stakes cash games, and even as a young player Tom was able to make a name for himself amongst the older and much more experienced players. His contribution to the poker world is without a shadow of a doubt very significant, but all the more regrettable is the series of allegations of non-payment of debts that have descended on his name in recent days.

Jetten kicked off a domino effect

Tom's one-time close friend, Peter Jetten, would probably be able to tell his own story. Last week, it was he who posted a post on Platform X with a direct accusation. Jetten revealed the amount of Dwan's debt from four years ago, amounting to a 6-figure sum.

Jetten claims that Dwan owes him 226-thousand, and that he's been avoiding payment for a long time, with all attempts to settle the debt reportedly ending up in excuses and postponements. To make matters worse, this tweet was followed by a wave of other complaints from other players and former friends of Dwan, who are demanding amounts of varying amounts to be paid.

Not forgetting the durrrr challenge

Back in 2010, Tom bet with professional player Daniel Cates that he would win 50,000 hands in heads-up play with blinds of $200-400. The whole thing was covered by Full Tilt, where after 30,665 hands, Cates went up to about 1.2 million. We didn't see the end of the whole challenge, but Cates is still considered the unofficial winner and is calling for a sidebet payout of $500 thousand.

In 2019, Canadian-Greek professional player Haralabos Voulgaris said dwan was owed an unspecified 7-figure sum. As of today, it will have been 10 years and repayment of the debt is, in his words, in sight. At one of the recent CG sessions from Hustler's casino, where both the players in the case were sitting at the table, a few words were even dropped regarding the matter.

Thus, there have been several instances of Dwan being openly confronted either in person or in the online space. However, Dwan has so far not commented on the allegations, but has not even tried to refute or defend himself, which raises a lot of questions from the public. A lot of people also think that a highstakes player of his level should pay off his debts or rather not even show his face in public.

What do you think, are these accusations and speculations based on truth? What could be the reason for Dwan's unwillingness to pay his debts? Let us know in the comments on our social media!

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