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David Kozma wins WPT Prime Liechtenstein

The record-breaking WPT Prime has reached its conclusion. After exhausting 12-hour finale David Kozma from Hungary is the last man standing.

Not only the entire poker Europe but also the world has seen the success of the WPT Prime series in Liechtenstein. The local Grand Casino hosted the largest WPT Prime in history, breaking records with a total of 1,644 entries. The prize pool of this tournament rose to 1,644,000 francs, and today the juiciest amounts were distributed to the top players.

The finals began with the participation of 11 finalists, of which the first goal was to form the final eight. This happened relatively quickly, and the following players got into the official battles for the title:

  • Seat 1.  Salih Atac  -  1,825,000  (12 bb)
  • Seat 2.  David Kozma  -  16,675,000  (111 bb)
  • Seat 3.  Faton Berisha  -  5,600,000  (37 bb)
  • Seat 4.  Lukáš Pažma  -  7,900,000  (53 bb)
  • Seat 5.  Thomas Hofmann  -  5,300,000  (35 bb)
  • Seat 6.  Carlos Henningsen  -  2,050,000  (14 bb)
  • Seat 7.  Marc Sen  -  4,375,000  (29 bb)
  • Seat 8.  Alessandro Pichierri  -  5,875,000  (39 bb)

Salih Atac, Thomas Hofmann, Faton Berisha, Carlos Henningsen and Alessandro Pichierri gradually had to say goodbye to the hope of winning the title. Slovak representative Lukáš Pažma thus made it to the imaginary podium, and jumped into the top 3 with more than 3/5 of all chips in the game. But that changed quickly after the break, when the poker luck turned away from this player for good.

Unluckily, he first doubled one opponent, then another, and at once all the stacks were even. Here the players got into a debate about the deal, which awarded each approximately 170,000 francs. But the players still had to play for 60,000 francs, a trophy and a title. However, Lukáš was the first of this trio to say goodbye in third place for CHF 169,700.

The subsequent play, unfortunately for the home fans, resulted in a loss for the Swiss representative Marc Sen. In the end, the trophy was lifted over the head by the representative of Hungary, David Kozma, who took home the title, 224,953 CHF, and within this amount also a 10-thousand package for the huge WPT Championship with a guarantee of 40 million dollars, which will take place in December in Las Vegas!

Source: GCLI, WPT, YouTube, Flickr