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Come with us on a poker holiday to SPT Liechtenstein with great value packages!

Not just great poker, excellent structure and a field full of recreational players - the Spadepoker Tour Liechtenstein also offers you the chance to get to know this small but beautiful country. The beautiful setting of the Swiss Alps, beautiful lakes, hiking or architecture - come with us on a poker holiday and see what you can experience around the casino!

The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in Europe, squeezed between Austria and Switzerland. A country rich in history and beautiful scenery, it has a lot to offer, and today we're going to take a look at a few tips on where to run out of the casino during your Spadepoker Tour.

The sixth edition of our Spadepoker Tour will take place from June 19-24, when the Main Event awaits you with a guarantee of CHF 200,000. Also for this event, we have prepared a discounted accommodation offer for you, thanks to which you can stay directly in the casino for only €60/night (single) or €80/night (double), while the price also includes breakfast and dinner. Attention, there are only 10 rooms available at the discounted price, so don't hesitate!

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1.Princely Castle in Vaduz

Vaduz is the capital and the largest city of Liechtenstein, but with just over 5 thousand inhabitants. The symbol of Vaduz is the princely residence (more of a medieval castle than a chateau) built on a rock above the city. Interestingly, the princely family still lives in this mansion, so it is not open to the public (one day a year the gates are opened and all Liechtenstein residents are welcome for a drink and refreshments).

Vaduz and the castle itself are only a 13-minute drive from the casino. We recommend driving up to the castle, where there is free parking and from where you can enjoy nice views of the whole city and the surrounding hills.

2.St.Florin Cathedral and the Parliament Building

The historic city centre itself can be reached on foot in 20 minutes and the advantage is that there are several free car parks right in the centre (up to 60 minutes free parking, which is usually enough). The pedestrian zone starts at St Florin's Cathedral, a neo-Gothic church dating from 1874. The cathedral is also home to the Prince's Tomb, where Prince Franz Joseph II and his wife Georgina Wilczek are buried.

The city centre is dominated by the unique parliament building, which was built in 2008. The unique building consists of two parts, the most eye-catching of which is the 'ark' building with a roof height of 18 metres. The entire building was constructed from more than a million bricks that were custom-made in a Swiss brickyard. Equally impressive is the interior, where the main meeting room, with its huge round table and 9-metre diameter chandelier, is reminiscent of scenes from Hollywood films.

3.Lake Gänglesee in Steg

Still above Vaduz Castle you will find the Gänglesee Lake in Steg at 1300 m above sea level, a place of peace and relaxation and a beautiful setting for families and nature lovers. The Gänglesee's barbecue areas invite you to enjoy an evening meal or lunch together, and those who don't mind cold water can also take a refreshing dip in the beautiful water.

4.Border on the Rhine

For lovers of walking and cycling, right next to the casino there is a cycle path and a causeway that runs alongside the Rhine River, lining the entire border of the country. During the summer, it is possible to descend into the riverbed at several points and walk right in it. If you go as far as Vaduz, you will find the last wooden bridge over the Rhine - the Alte Rheinbrücke. The original 135m long bridge from 1870 had to be raised twice and finally underwent a complete reconstruction in 1900. The last renovation took place in 2010 and the bridge is still used for non-motorised vehicle crossings today.

5.Freizeitanlage Grossabünt

Just a 3-minute drive or 20-minute walk from the casino you will find the swimming lake Freizeitanlage Grossabünt. You can walk to it along the Rhine River and find a complex for sporty people. As well as an ideal environment for jogging, you can cool off and take a dip in the lake, and there's also a buffet with food and beer on tap. From the lake there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

6.Stamp Museum

In the centre of Vaduz you will also find the Stamp Museum, which has been in use since 1936. The museum is part of the Liechtenstein National Museum and its main focus is the postage stamps issued by the Principality of Liechtenstein since 1912, including the machines used by postal workers in the old days.

7.Bar and restaurant in the casino

The four-storey Grand Casino Liechtenstein complex also offers non-casino services. On the ground floor you will find the Alpspitz restaurant, where you can enjoy local specialities. For evening relaxation and good drinks, there is the Floor Four night bar, which includes a roof terrace with views of the surrounding area. A DJ or live band regularly plays in the bar, and you can enjoy great mixed drinks or local Liechtenstein beer.

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