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Alexandra Botez becomes the new GG Ambassador

The GG platform has announced its newest ambassador. Alexandra Botez, known mainly in the chess community as a streamer, has proven to be a very skilled poker player. She was given a warm welcome by the legendary Daniel Negreanu, who is one of the platform's first ambassadors.

This 28-year-old Canadian with Romanian roots (like the aforementioned Negreanu) is a well-known chess player in the world, also together with her younger sister. Her influencer profile is due to her huge audience, namely almost 1 and a half million subscribers of her youtube channel.

During the lockdown, however, she also became enchanted with online poker. The prerequisites of an excellent chess player similar to those of a poker player were fulfilled, and it didn't take much for Alexandra to prove herself as a very skilled and competitive player.

Since then, however, she has racked up over $60,000 worth of live winnings on her hendonmob profile and even managed to cash in the WSOP Main Event.

The turning point, however, was high stakes live CG, where she didn't let the likes of Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan embarrass her at the table and cashed for $450,000. This cash game was also attended by well-known YouTubers Mr. Beast and Ninja.

Alexandra joins Team GG

Although she considers herself a beginner, GG announced her entry as an ambassador among names like Fedor Holz, Jeff Gross, ElkY or, as Botez herself mentions, her hero Daniel Negreanu. The latter even prepared a welcome video for her, introducing her as the newest ambassador on the GG platform.

GG's competitors have stated that they see this bold move as a big shift in her career as well, and will be happy to see how she can adapt to the change of scenery in a game as competitive as poker. With her analytical experience and strategy, Alexandra could be a very rewarding and promising candidate. "I'm very happy to be a part of GG" expressed Botez herself. According to her, the platform shares her vision when it comes to the development of the game and the community itself and looks forward to their journey together.

We in the editorial team are of course keeping our fingers crossed and will follow the journey of this chess grandmaster together. However, this transition to poker soil is not a rare experience. Specifically, the first female chess grandmaster was Jennifer Shahade, who also turned pro on the PS platform.