SpadePoker Tour Prague (200,000€ GTD)

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King's Casino Prague

03. 07. 2024 - 08. 07. 2024

If you're one of our fans, you'll be well aware that in addition to the latest news and poker livestreams, we're also bringing you an international poker series. The SpadePoker Tour has previously taken place in Bratislava, Rozvadov and Liechtenstein, and in 2024 it will be adding another location to its map - we'll be heading to Prague together at the beginning of July!

The seventh edition of the SpadePoker Tour will take place from July 3rd to 8th, hosted by King's Casino Prague located at the Hilton Hotel. The festival, consisting of five tournaments, will attract especially the Main Event, which, with a buy-in of €500, will offer the biggest guarantee ever in this casino - €150,000!

Starting on Thursday, July 4, a total of three opening days (plus flip and go) await you, in which the €500 buy-in will be exchanged for a 40,000 starting stack. Comfortable 40-minute blinds will allow each player to fully display their poker knowledge, the aim of which should be to survive the 13 levels and then advance to Sunday's Day 2. There, all advancing players will face off in a battle for a seat at the final table, which will reveal the name of the champion on Monday, July 8.

As is customary, a unique handmade trophy awaits the SPT champion, and you can all look forward to a live stream that will take you through both Day 2 and the final day of the Main Event. After the tournament is over, the footage will be made into a TV show, so you'll be able to commemorate your success on Nova Sport!


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09.07.2024 00:32
Milan "nild0n" Šimko new SPT champion!
09.07.2024 00:26
Photo gallery of the final day
08.07.2024 12:31
Live Stream from the final day




08.07.2024 10:53
Main Event Finalists

After two days of play, the field of 230 entries has been whittled down to the final 8 players who will play for the SpadePoker Tour championship in front of the cameras today. Russian player Oleg Vakhrameev has settled into the lead by a wide margin, but a number of familiar faces from the local scene - Milan Simko, Jakub Kolečkář and Michal Schuh - are also continuing to play! Who is your favourite?

08.07.2024 10:51
The grand finale is here!

All good things must come to an end, and that's true of the seventh stop on the SpadePoker Tour. It will meet its champion today, and with it a ticket to the WSOPE Main Event and a €27,969 prize awaits! The final day kicks off at 14:00, and you can all look forward to live streams in three languages from 14:30.

If you are in the vicinity of the casino, feel free to come and check us out - the €120 SPT Prague Closer with a €10,000 guarantee awaits you at 16:00.

07.07.2024 21:47
List of finalists

Chipcount of the final table:

  1. Oleg Vakhrameev - 3,055,000
  2. Milan Simko - 1,735,000
  3. Kirill Panyushin - 1,150,000
  4. Jakub Kolečkar - 945,000
  5. Michal Schuh - 750,000
  6. Jiri Kotvas - 695,000
  7. Vladimir Krivanek - 640,000
  8. Petr Bohuslav - 235,000
07.07.2024 20:55
Photo gallery of today
07.07.2024 16:23
We continue the game on the bubble

In the last hand before the break, the player in 25th place busted, which means two things - we're looking at a redraw to the last 3 tables, coupled with a 30-minute break. After that, we'll resume play with a live stream where you'll be able to watch the live bubble.




07.07.2024 15:27
Last 4 tables

32 players means the game is down to the last four tables and the bubble is inexorably approaching. This is because the tournament is being played in an 8-max format, where players will face a redraw at the last 3 and 2 tables. Now let's take a look together at who has already managed to listen to the seat-open today:

  • Jan Cvach
  • Pablo Hai Nguyen
  • Pierce William Picou
  • Soeren Benoni Hoegh
  • Milan Šimáně
  • Hoan Hiep Phan
  • Michal Plíva
  • Rastislav Bučko
  • Aytug Aydemir
  • Dongdong Zheng
07.07.2024 14:13
27,969€ + ticket for the winner!

The second day of the SPT Prague Championship kicked off a short while ago, with 43 players opening their stacks. However, only the top 23 players are eligible for such bonuses:

  1. €27,969 + ME WSOPE Ticket
  2. €18,947 + ME WSOPE Ticket
  3. 12,632€
  4. 10,346€
  5. 8,301€
  6. 6,436€
  7. 4,764€
  8. 3,501€
  9. 2,791€
  10. 2,346€
  11. 2,346€
  12. 2,045€
  13. 2,045€
  14. 1,865€
  15. 1,865€
  16. 1,684€
  17. 1,684€
  18. 1,516€
  19. 1,516€
  20. 1,516€
  21. 1,395€
  22. 1,395€
  23. 1,395€
07.07.2024 13:27
Complete list of advancers

As mentioned above, 43 players successfully qualified for Day 2 of the SPT Prague Main Event. Here is the complete list of all Day 2 participants:

07.07.2024 11:11
Plan for today

As you know, all Main Event qualifiers will face a crucial Day 2 starting at 14:00 today and you can also enjoy the Live Stream from 17:00 onwards.

For those who would like to play, there is the SPT Prague Sunday Knockout event from 17:00, which will guarantee €15,000 with a €165 buy-in.

07.07.2024 09:42
Last players to advance to day 2

Day 1C is officially over, and the following 19 players managed to qualify for Day 2:

07.07.2024 00:55
The Last Hour

Level 12 is coming to an end and the tournament clock inexorably shows that the last 60 minutes of the day are left. How many of the 26 players will wrap up their stack and carry it into Day 2?

06.07.2024 23:28
Registration has closed!

Break after the 9th level, defitniatively ended the possibility to jump into this tournament, and we have thus learned the final numbers of this edition of SPT. Players collectively accounted for 230 entries, leaving the guarantee unclaimed. This is great news for the 44 players currently playing, but if they want a share of the prizepool, they'll have to survive the final four levels of the day.

06.07.2024 21:26
Last hour!

If you've waited until the last minute, it's about time! The registration gates for this edition of the SpadePoker Tour will close in just one hour, and at this moment the total number of entries stands at 214.

06.07.2024 21:05
Photo gallery
06.07.2024 20:13
Top players over the break

During the 30-minute dinner break, the players went to dinner, but in the meantime we took a look at the top stacks:

  • Yonathan Daniel Darash - 225,000
  • Oleg Vakhrameev - 150,000
  • Mikita Andreichykau - 145,000
  • Peter Yesko - 140,000
  • Tomas Hajek - 125,000
  • Pablo Hai Nguyen - 110,000
  • Vladimir Krivanek - 110,000
06.07.2024 19:27
Live Stream from tomorrow

We will also bring you the SpadePoker Tour Prague Main Event live via Live Stream, so you can watch Day 2 tomorrow (from 17:00) and Final Day on Monday (from 14:30).




06.07.2024 19:03
More home faces in the game

Not only the high quality and slow structure but also the lack of a guarantee are attracting more and more players to the game, including well-known names from the Czech scene. We can already see names like Milan Šimko, Ondřej Kail, Martin Kučera, Martin Kohout and Robert Guláš at the tables.

06.07.2024 17:44
Fulfillment of the guarantee in sight

After the first break, the entries counter reads 60, which means that players have now managed to collect 180 entries in total. The target of 300 is nowhere in sight, and registration is only open for the last 6 levels!

06.07.2024 16:35
Today we also see international participation

Even during day 1C you can hear many languages at the tables, but of course, most of the field is made up of local players. For example, Jan Říha, Jan Bogáš, František Bureš, Adam Negreano, Martin Kohout, Ladislav Kellner and Radek Částka have already joined the game.

06.07.2024 15:32
Let's go!

The aforementioned last flight 1C kicked off a short while ago, offering you all the chance to take a slice of the huge overlay that is shaping up so far in the SPT Prague Main Event until 22:00. There are 20 players at the tables at the start of the first level, but they will soon be joined by 15 qualifiers from the satellite, which is currently playing a bubble. Let's get to it!

06.07.2024 12:42
A decisive day awaits us

All eyes will be on the poker room at King's Casino Prague today as the final flight of the SpadePoker Tour Main Event gets underway. Only €60,000 has been raised so far from the set guarantee, which is a great invitation to all poker lovers to get in on the action.

In addition to Day 1C, which kicks off at 15:00 and will have registration open until around 22:00, there is also a Flip and Go qualifier option for players (21:00).

06.07.2024 09:11
List of advancers from Day 1B

The end of Level 13 marks the end of Day 1B, and the following 10 players packed up their chips after that:

06.07.2024 00:47
Some photos from today
06.07.2024 00:22
End of registration

The third break of the day has finally closed the possibility of entering the game, which means that the information board is currently showing us the final numbers. These show 57 entries, which together with yesterday's 63 entries means that not even half of the guarantee has been collected! So we are looking at a huge overlay for tomorrow's final day 1C, come and take advantage of it from 15:00!

05.07.2024 22:15
Photo gallery of today
05.07.2024 22:01
The looming overlay!

At this point the entries counter shows 50, which together with yesterday's 63 entries means that at this point only 113 of the required 300 entries have been collected. The fate of this tournament will be decided by the last three levels of today's day 1B, and then tomorrow's last flight 1C along with the evening flip and go. A perfect invitation to play!

05.07.2024 21:39
New chipleader

Two players on table 6, namely David Tejml and Artur Ibragimov, had a shorter dinner break by 8 minutes. It was Tejml who won this big hand on the river, and after recounting the stacks, he's down to about a 220k stack!

05.07.2024 21:37
Top stacks over break

The players have now taken a 30-minute dinner break, during which we took a look at the top stacks. Ivan Chvalovsky currently holds the chipleader title with a stack of around 200k.

  • Ivan Chvalovsky ~ 200k
  • Adam Kuchař ~ 160k
  • Marek Švácha ~ 130k
  • Aleksei Zhylinski ~ 110k
05.07.2024 20:53
Trophy for the champion

Since its birth, our Spadepoker Tour has been known for its unique handmade trophies, and one such trophy awaits the SpadePoker Tour Prague champion.

05.07.2024 20:38
International field

Despite the fact that the majority of the field is made up of local representatives, there are also players from Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Belarus, France, Slovakia and Hungary.

05.07.2024 20:00
Familiar names in the game

Today, David Táborský, Robert Guláš, Adam Negreano, Štefan Mital, for example, have found their way to King´s Casino Prague. The poker hall is currently more alive with football than poker, where Germany equalized at the end of the 2nd half and sent the match with the Spanish into overtime.

05.07.2024 19:19
First break

Three game levels are over, which means that players will take their first 15-minute break. Flight 1B has seen 39 entries so far, and we've only heard seat-open 5 times so far.

05.07.2024 17:41
Starting day 1B

The second opening day of the SPT Main Event kicked off a short while ago and play is currently underway at three tables. There are currently 18 players in play, and if you want to join them, you have until about midnight.

05.07.2024 10:11
Plan for today

Today will also be the Spadepoker Tour Main Event at King's Casino Prague, with Flight 1B kicking off at 17:00. If the buy-in is too high for you, don't despair - there will be a satellite at 14:00, which will give at least 15 of you entry into Flight 1B for just €55!

05.07.2024 09:05
We know the first 14 advancing

Day 1A is definitely over, and at the end of the day we got to know the first 14 advancers. Leading the way is home player Petr Tatrga, who bagged up a stack worth 418,000!

05.07.2024 00:35
We know the final numbers

The third break ended the opportunity to register for this flighter, and we now know the final numbers for today. The opening Flight 1A produced a total of 63 entries, of which 24 players are currently still in play. Those players have four more 40-minute levels to play, after which all survivors will wrap up their chips for Day 2. Who will make it?

04.07.2024 23:11
Photo gallery of day 1A

Today's Flight 1A got the tournament underway, with 32 players out of 55 entries at the tables after the second break. Registration is open until the end of Level 9, when we will find out the final number of entries together. Every player who survives 13 levels will qualify for Day 2 from this flighter. Check out the photos with us to see what it looks like at King's Casino today!

04.07.2024 23:04
Schedule of the event

As mentioned above, there are a total of 5 tournaments in the next few days, headlined by the Main Event. You can also look forward to qualifiers before the flights, interesting side events, and we won't miss the televised Day 2 and Final Day ME!

04.07.2024 23:00
The seventh stop of the SpadePoker Tour is here!

Welcome friends! We're reporting to you from Prague's King's Casino, where the seventh edition of our very own Spadepoker Tour will be taking place this week! This will bring the biggest guarantee ever played for in this casino, namely €150,000!

Starting today (July 4), a total of three opening days (plus flip and go) await you, where your €500 buy-in will be exchanged for a €40,000 starting stack. Comfortable 40-minute blinds will allow each player to fully display their poker knowledge, which should aim to survive the 13 levels and then advance to Sunday's Day 2. There, all advancing players will face off in a battle for a seat at the final table, which will reveal the name of the champion on Monday, July 8.

Event News

The Spadepoker Tour is heading to Prague, with another poker festival awaiting you from July 3-8!

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